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8Bit Junkie Enters Grand Master Flash

2009-08-17 14:44:19 by 8bitjunkie

The game 8bit Junkie has been submitted to the Grand Master Flash competition. The finalists are drawn on Wednesday and displayed on the e4.com/games page.

I'd like to thank Miniman for his sound contribution. I sourced his music through a good friend of mine at www.terminalstation.co.uk. If I win the contest I will be compensating Miniman for his efforts, and I'll be sure to check out some of Newgrounds own audio talent for my future projects!

In fact if there are any budding audio enthusiasts out there who are looking for a gaming related partnership send your stuff to audio@paulstamp.co.uk and perhaps we can work together on a future project.

Until then look out for the finalists of the Grand Master Flash awards and fingers crossed ill be among them!


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2009-08-17 16:14:04

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8bitjunkie responds:

you think thats bad you should see what your mum said